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The String Algae Blues…

Now that Spring is upon us and things are coming back to life in your pond with the warmer weather, many of us are battling with string algae. String algae is caused primarily by a combination of the buildup of organic nutrients in the water, and sunlight. What happens is that during winter, when things […]

Healthy Living Hand Hygiene Tips For Busy People

(NC)—Practicing dedicated hand hygiene makes good sense when it comes to fighting the spread of germs. Many of the common, and not so common viruses are transmitted from the hand to the ears, eyes and nose, and that is why surgical masks and disposable plastic gloves are items most commonly used as protection from Severe […]

Car Air Purifier – Have Clean Air In Your Car

Many people have noticed that the quality of air in their car is less than desirable. With the millions of cars on the road, construction work and road dust, you will mostly see a cloud of dust while you drive. Add to this is the fact that millions of drivers also smoke, making the air […]

Nursing a sick dog

Nursing a sick dog is one of the vital measures that a dog owner needs to understand. Similarly, when a dog becomes sick, the dog is in need of more care and affection based activities by the dog owners. Nursing a sick animal is often considered as an art and this should not be taken […]

Safety in 30 Days, Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

There are ways that employers should identify and assess risks with a view to preventing and reducing them. There should be a hierarchy of prevention and control measures – starting with prevention of the risk, and if this is not possible, technical/engineering controls, safe systems of work and information or training should be used instead. […]

COVID-19 Which protective face mask is the right one

COVID-19: Which protective face mask is the right one?

Corona and the possibilities of protecting oneself against the virus are currently raising many questions in the public. The use and availability of breathing masks also play a central role. 3M is one of the world’s leading suppliers of personal protective equipment and medical solutions that are being used right now in response to the […]

Corona pandemic: What do older people need to consider

Corona pandemic: What do older people need to consider?

The corona pandemic affects everyone – but older people in particular are counted among the risk groups for COVID-19 disease. We advise you what senior citizens should be aware of in times of SARS-CoV-2. What effects does the corona pandemic have on the lives of elderly people? Older people will initially feel the same as […]

coronavirus face mask

Face masks: How they work & who should wear them

During influenza period you’ll likely see many people using clinical face masks to protect themselves from germs and also various other pollutants. With the fast spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 as well as raised concerns of an US break out, face masks have flown off store racks. Yet do they truly function? Disposable […]

why surgical masks are popular in Asia

The real reason why wearing a surgical mask is so popular in Asia

If you have been riding on the New York City subway recently, you’re probably aware of the medical mask trend. The sensation may have originated in Japan, however in numerous significant cities across the US, it’s now common to see people on the street, public transit, as well as even in schools, wearing surgical masks […]

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